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Waubunowin (WN)

We're a collective organization that recognizes and affirms the sovereignty of First Nations, The Anishinabek, Ojibwe, and Mississauga-Ojibwe people, including in history, culture, spirituality, interpretations, and territory at York University.


Wibi is a vocal music group in the tradition of collegiate a cappella groups worldwide. Wibi's main mandate is to expand knowledge of a cappella and vocal music, to meet and sing with like minded individuals, and to have fun doing so.

Wildlife & Enviromental Society at York (WESAY)

The York University Wildlife Society is committed to promoting conservation and wildlife awareness both on and off campus. WESAY aims to improve the wellbeing of the wildlife on campus as well as raising awareness to environmental issues on a global scal

Winters College

Winters College, established in 1967, is the Fine Arts College at York University. Students affiliated with the College come from all Departments in the Faculty of Fine Arts–including Dance, Design, Digital Media, Film, Music, Theatre, and Visual Arts

Winters College Council

Winters College Council Rocking out since '67! We are a student government who are entrusted to enrich the lives and educational experience of our affiliated students. Through academic, cultural, political, recreational and artistic programs, we strive

Winters Community Art Club (WCAC)

Winters Community Art Club is a student-run organization providing art programs for youth within the York and Jane/Finch community. We are supported financially through fundraisers and grants offered by various organizations within the university.

Winters Residence

Welcome to Winters Residence!

Women Empowerment Club (WEC)

WEc's goal is to empower young females at York, nationally, and internationally as well. To us empowerment means anything from making healthier decisions, progressing in a career, giving back to society, and everything in between.

Women in Science and Engineering (WISE)

The Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) aims to promote women in STEM fields and provide a platform for female students at Lassonde School of Engineering to succeed in their academics and future endeavors.

Women's Fastball

A) To promote the game of fastball at the university level equally among students, faculty, and staff; B) To represent York University and act as Ambassadors to all outside the York community; C) The opportunity to participate in competitive fastball

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