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The Vandoo, the official newspaper of Vanier College (est. 1966), is the monthly news source of choice for the Vanier community

Vanier Athletics


Vanier College

Vanier College, founded in 1967, was the second College to come into existence on the Keele Campus. The College is proudly named after General The Right Honourable Georges P. Vanier, one of the most respected Canadians of the 20th century.

Vanier College Council

Vanier College Council is a student run government filled with enthusiastic volunteers who are elected by their peers as representatives and to plan social and academic programming to better the student and campus life experience. Our council works to

Vanier Peer Mentors

Peer Mentoring for Vanier College and program affiliates.

Vanier Residence

Welcome to Vanier Residence!

V-Day at York (V-Day)

V-Day at York is an activist movement to end violence against women and girls through the use of performance art. Its premise is to educate and raise awareness of this epidemic in our own communities and to raise money for our local women's shelters.

Vietnamese Student Association at York (VietSAY)

We are here to connect students, support them to achieve academic success and bring their awareness of Vietnamese culture. International Vietnamese students will have opportunities to get involved in social activities, hence improving networking skills.

Visual Arts Students Association ((VASA))

To enrich the fine arts community, with a particular focus on the visual arts. This is achieved by various programs and services members of the council organize themselves, including art workshops, life drawing sessions, and student art exhibitions.

Volleyball Club at York University (YUVC)

To promote the sport of volleyball to the student community and to allow everyone the opportunity to come play the sport, meet new people and have fun.