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Ultimate Frisbee at York (UFY)

Ultimate Frisbee at York welcomes players of all levels, from beginners to intermediate and experienced players. The club offers opportunities for pick-up games and open tryouts for the competitive teams at the beginning of the school year!

Undergraduate Business Council

Faculty Government for undergraduate students at Schulich School of Business

Undergraduate History Student Association (UHSA)

The Undergraduate History Student Association works to engage students and promote the study of history at York University. The UHSA also acts as a liaison between history students and the Department of History at York University.

Undergraduate Political Science Council (UPSC)

UPSC is a multi-faceted student organization which fosters personal, professional, and academic development, giving our members the chance to engage and connect with the political community through networking events, conferences, tours, trips, and more.

Undergraduate Psychology Students Association (UPSA)

The Undergraduate Psychology Students Association (UPSA) at York University is an undergraduate club that seeks to provide psychology students with information and support that will help them succeed in their university endeavors.

Undergraduates of Disaster and Emergency Management (UDEM)

A student association for students who are taking a major, minor, or certificate in DEM, or students who have a general interest in DEM. A platform to help students grow, social events and training opportunities.

UNICEF Glendon

The purpose of this club is to empower the Glendon College student body to help the world’s children by exposing Glendonites to the perils facing children and youth and by providing opportunities to make a genuine difference.

United for Parity (UfP)

The United for Parity Club is a group aiming to unite students against religious, ethnic, and cultural prejudice caused by misinformation. United for Parity is also a student run non-profit organization , that currently delivers help in Kibera, Kenya

United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF @ York)

The purpose of the UNICEF club at York U is to educate, promote awareness and advocate for the protection of children's rights, survival and development. UNICEF Club at York U will also organize on-campus fund-raising activities.

United Nations Student Organization (UNSO)

YMUN provides opportunities for students to engage in international relations and gain skills in diplomacy. For more detailed information about our club, please visit our website at Members must apply through YUConnect.

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