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Calumet College Council

Calumet Past To Present The name "Calumet" was chosen by the Calumet College community in 1971. Calumet is a French word which refers specifically to a type of rock and by extension to the ceremonial pipes which native people in Upper Canada made from

Hellenic Students' Association (HSA)

The Hellenic Students' Association is a student run, non- for profit council that promotes Hellenic culture and Hellenic heritage in the university setting. The association organizes an array of events to embrace Hellenic roots, and welcomes all to join.

Lassonde SkyBlazers (LSB)

This clubs focus is on advocating the educational and enjoyment uses of RC/FPV controlled creations, while teaching how to design, create, and control the final engineered products.

Pakistan Student Association (PSA)

Pakistani Community at York coordinates educational and social activities, which promote cross cultural understanding and international awareness.

York Federation of Students

The York Federation of Students (YFS) represents over 52,000 undergraduate students at York University. The YFS provides services, events and advocacy on behalf of all undergraduate students. Please visit for more information.