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Association of Graduate Students in the Biological Sciences (AGSBS)

The official organization representing graduate students in the Department of Biology at York University.

Bachelor of Environmental Studies Student Association (BESSA)

We encourage students to become involved in environmental issues, inside and outside the faculty. We also encourage social activities among students that foster a sense of community!

Creative Arts Student Association

Student government for the School of Arts, Media, Performance & Design. We represent your interests to the administration, provide support, and coordinate services, events, and activities to foster inter-departmental connections and community.

Dance Students' Association (DSA)

The Dance Students' Association strives to support the Dance students and enrich their student experience by providing them with various opportunities to develop and connect with each other. We host free workshops, Improv Soireés, Dance Fuel & much more!

Economics Students' Association (ESA)

The ESA aims to keep its members informed & motivated about potential career prospects, enhance their employability through career-oriented events and professional networking opportunities, and provide a positive social experience for Economics Students.

Faculty of Education Students' Association

To act as an advocate on behalf of Faculty of Education students.

Faculty of Health Student Caucus

The Faculty of Health Student Caucus is the student government that represents the Faculty of Health students in the School of Health Policy and Management, School of Kinesiology and Health Science, Psychology, School of Nursing and Global Health.

Film Students Association

To represent the interests of Film Students; To represent the opinions, concerns, and ideas of film students to the faculty, and administration of York University; To foster a sense of community within the Department  by encouraging the

Glendon College Students Union

The Glendon College Student Union Constitution, Part I, Section 2 a-f? The Glendon College Student Union is an organisation whose purpose is to: foster activities and events that will enhance the university experience of its members and

Glendon Salsa Club (GSC)

Fellow Glendonites, whether you are a professional salsa dancer or are just looking to learn the dance, the Glendon Salsa Club is the one for you!

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