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Association of Graduate Students in the Biological Sciences (AGSBS)

The official organization representing graduate students in the Department of Biology at York University.

Bethune College Council

The Bethune College Council represents the students of Norman Bethune College. All students that are affiliated with the Faculty of Science are a part of Norman Bethune College. We dedicate ourselves to helping students succeed in and out of class.

Calumet College Council

Calumet Past To Present The name "Calumet" was chosen by the Calumet College community in 1971. Calumet is a French word which refers specifically to a type of rock and by extension to the ceremonial pipes which native people in Upper Canada made from

Founders College Student Council (FCSC)

Founders College Student Council (FCSC) is a student run organization serving the students of Founders College at York University. We’re committed to building community spirit within Founders College through the development and

Glendon College Students Union

The Glendon College Student Union Constitution, Part I, Section 2 a-f? The Glendon College Student Union is an organisation whose purpose is to: foster activities and events that will enhance the university experience of its members and

McLaughlin College Council

Who we are and what we do in just a few words! McLaughlin College Students' Council is a group of 20 or so elected and appointed student volunteers who offer student services, represent students at meetings and organize events.

New College Council

Welcome to New College, the newest college on campus, the one and only place where your SUCCESS resides! New College was formed on July 1, 2009, under the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies.

Stong College Student Government

Welcome to the Stong College Student Government on YuConnect! This is your one stop place to get all of the up to the date information on what is happening in the Stong College Community. There is always something happening at Stong, whether it is

Vanier Athletics


Vanier College Council

Vanier College Council is a student run government filled with enthusiastic volunteers who are elected by their peers as representatives and to plan social and academic programming to better the student and campus life experience. Our council works to

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