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Alpine @ York (YA)

Alpine @ York is a student-based organization with the purpose of uniting fellow skiers and snowboarders in a fun and engaging way. The club's goal is to organize and subsidize many ski trips throughout the winter term.

Baseball Club (BCYU)

The purpose of the organization is to compete in the OUA (Ontario University Athletics). Our objective is to, from year-to-year, be competitive and win the Ontario division championships and the national championships.

Chess Society (RtoD2)

Welcome to the Chess Society (RtoD2)! A place to enjoy some casual chess and get your competitive spirit on! Blow off some steam between classes, or join us for sporadically scheduled pub nights during off-hours! Most importantly, come have a good time!

Dragon Boat Team @ York (dbteam)

This team enables students to participate in Dragon Boat racing as a competitive sport while providing training and instruction for paddlers. The team participates in regattas during the summer against other universities, Canadian and international teams

Equestrian Club at York University (Equestrian Club)

The club has a goal to bring York University horse enthusiasts together. We welcome all levels and types of riders and offer lessons and the opportunity to compete on the intercollegiate circuit (OUEA). We also host clinics, events and info sessions.

eSports at York (YeS)

York eSports (YeS) is a club that aims to connect York University’s passionate and competitive students to the eSports scene and gaming industry.

Fencing at York (Fencing)

Fencing at York is an athletic club at York University that offers both recreational and competitive fencing experience. We offer beginner classes during the summer, fall and winter terms, as well as regular practice for those with prior experience.

Glendon Dance Team (GDT)

Glendon College's dance team with both competitive and recreational tiers. Learn a variety of new styles of dance and meet new people. We accept dancers of all levels of experience.

Grappling Club at York (YGC)

The York Grappling Club trains in a variety of martial arts, including wrestling, no gi jui-jitsu, and judo. We focus primarily on grappling as a base.

Hip Hop Dance Club at York (HHDC @ York)

The objectives are to provide a fun, supportive and creative environment for the positive development of the individual through the art of hip hop dance. To allow members the opportunity to train and perform for audiences and to grow as a dance community

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