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Agape Impact (AI)

A Christian club on campus that seeks to help Christian and non-Christian students understand a spiritual faith in Jesus and also to answer questions, while maintaining personal relationships through mentor-mentee programs and fellowship events!

Ahmadiyya Muslim Students Association (AMSA)

Student club for students of the Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam worldwide. A theological and religious student association, which is mainly, devoted to highlight the common beliefs of all major religions and philosophical traditions.

Bodhi Association (YUBA)

Tibetan Buddhism study group, follow teachings and practice instructions from renowned scholar Khenpo SoDargye. Activities including meditation, chanting, listening to teachings and social activities.

Catholic Chaplaincy

The Catholic Chaplaincy at York provides a space on campus where students, staff and faculty can participate in a community of worship, fellowship and service.  In keeping with the Magisterial authority of the Roman Catholic Church and our


To strengthen the Jewish community on campus by promoting Jewish pride, study and celebration for students, regardless of background/affiliation. Chabad educates and empowers students to engage Judaism in a meaningful way and to live Judaism joyfully

Chinese Christian Fellowship (CCF)

Chinese Christian Fellowship at York exists to promote individual spiritual growth, to encourage transparent and vulnerable fellowship among members, and as a community to bear witness to the Lord Jesus Christ at York University.

Christian Students at York University (CSYU)

For interested students, faculty and staff members to gather and to enjoy the Bible as the Word of God, in order to foster one another's spiritual growth in the Divine life.

Covenant Chapel York University Campus Fellowship

Campus youth christian ministry whose main focus is to cater to the academic, social and spiritual well being of York University Students. We provide course tutoring, career counseling, mentorship opportunities AT NO COST TO THE STUDENTS.

Ekklesia: Church at Glendon (Ekklesia)

We are a Christ-centered community that meets at Glendon College. We want to tangibly love the people and world around us, grow closer to one another and learn more about this amazing God and the connection we can have with Him through Jesus.

Freethinkers, Skeptics and Atheists (FreeSAY)

FreeSAY is a social and advocacy organization for non-religious students. We hold regular meetings, discussions, social gatherings, and campus events aimed at promoting intellectual discourse and the application of science, reason, and critical thinking.

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