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Agents of Change Community (ACC)

Agents of Change Community is a social activism club is a community of social activists, empowering students to become agents of change using a community-based model of social action to create positive change in the local and global community every month


If you would like to be a member of AIESEC York or work abroad through AIESEC, please visit AIESEC is the world's largest student-run organization. Our mission is to develop leaders by facilitating international internships.

Amnesty International Glendon

Amnesty International is a non profit international organization that works to expose and prevent human rights abuses.

Armenian Students' Association (ASA)

To give students an awareness of Armenian culture, history and contemporary issues, and to help broaden members’ social circles

Bangladeshi Student Association (YBSA)

We are a group of Bangladeshi students who want to build a united Bangladeshi community at York University.

Bethune College Council

The Bethune College Council represents the students of Norman Bethune College. All students that are affiliated with the Faculty of Science are a part of Norman Bethune College. We dedicate ourselves to helping students succeed in and out of class.

Black Women Bridging Borders (BBWB)

The Black Women Bridging Borders is a non-profit student-run organization that acts as a representative body on behalf of woman of the African Diaspora who relate themselves to the term “Black” as women at York University.

Bodhi Association (YUBA)

Tibetan Buddhism study group, follow teachings and practice instructions from renowned scholar Khenpo SoDargye. Activities including meditation, chanting, listening to teachings and social activities.

Canadian Association for Research in Regenerative Medicine (CARRM@York)

A charitable organization that will educate students on the newest forms of medical research in regenerative medicine and will look to garner support for the future development of regenerative medicine research in Canada.

Canadian Human Rights International Organization at York (CHRIO@York)

Canadian Human Rights International Organization at York aims to raise awareness on human rights violations around the world by introducing them to the student body through events and tabling.

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