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Salsa Club @ York

Get in touch with your inner Salsero!! Join the salsa club, and learn the fundamentals of Salsa dance, and find out why everyone's into it!!

School of Kinesiology and Health Science

This is the official School of Kinesiology and Health Science, York University YU Connect page. This page has up to date information about Kinesiology and Health Science events and/or updates from the Academic Office.

Schulich Ambassador Program

Launched in September 2007 by Student Services & International Relations (SSIR), the Schulich Ambassador Program has been created with the intent to provide Schulich BBA/iBBA students with an opportunity to complement their in-class education.

Science Engagement Programs

Science Engagement Programs offers innovative and engaging programs designed to inspire youth and discover exciting topics in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

Sexual Assault Survivor Support Line

About Us SASSL is a student-run organization offering support to survivors of sexual assault, as well as their friends and family. Services We provide a listening ear, information and referrals over the phone or in person, with a 24-hour phone line

SickKids Chronic Pain Association (SCPA)

York University's SickKids Chronic Pain Association is dedicated to raising money and awareness for the SickKids Foundation and helping children across Canada who are suffering from severe chronic pain. Join us in creating a better tomorrow for children.

Sikh Students Association

We the Sikh Students at York University, in order to form a more-perfect union, establish our identity, and uphold and maintain our culture within the Canadian society establish this constitution for our student organization. STATUS shall be a non profit

Slavic Student Association (SSAY) (Slavic Student Association at York)

The main objective of SSAY is to educate the student body of York University about different Slavic cultures and traditions in a comfortable social setting. SSAY aims at bringing Slavs and non-Slavs together in order to foster cultural and social

SOARING (Success, Opportunities, Achievements and Realizing Them)

Just like Official Academic Transcripts, SOARING offers proactive & engaged students official recognition by acknowledging their involvement in activities both on & off campus. It encourages students to make the best of their university life!!!

Social Work Students Association (SWSA)

The Social Work Students Association or SWSA (swah saw) is the voice of Social Work students at York University.

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