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Radio Glendon (CKRG)

Radio Glendon is a bilingual student run internet radio station located at the Glendon Campus. We house a diverse selection of radio shows on a weekly basis. Any one can be a DJ. What are you waiting for? Sign up!

Random Acts of Kindness Project (RAK)

RAK aims to improve student-student interactions and stimulate student involvement at York University through creating a movement of many students doing small acts of kindness for other students.

Reach Out at York (ROY)

Reach Out is a non-profit student organization that expresses support towards the Mental Health Community by raising awareness, providing de-stress workshops and one-on-one consultations to the York University community.

RED Zone

York's RED Zone  is a transition/orientation program designed with new students' needs in mind. You'll interact with a highly trained staff of very knowledgeable peers and find the resources and answers to the questions you're looking for all year


'RefugeAid' is a student led initiative which provides humanitarian aid while raising awareness about current and emerging trends affecting refugees and asylums seekers. RefugeAid is a non-religious and non-political organization.

Refugee Health Outreach (RHO)

Refugee Health Outreach is a student-led advocacy group that aims to promote the long-term health of resettled refugees in the GTA. We provide educational workshops, raise awareness of barriers to care, and fundraise for refugee support initiatives.

Regenesis Community & Sustainability Initiatives at York (Regenesis York/R@Y)

Regenesis York is a student-involved, environmental and community-building organization. We believe in empowering students as initiators of change. We focus on real, comprehensive & practical solutions to make our community a better place.

Regroupement étudiant franco-ontarien (RÉFO)

Le RÉFO regroupe les 22 000 étudiant.e.s de l’Ontario français qui étudient dans une des 11 institutions postsecondaires de la francophonie ontarienne et qui se mobilisent envers la réalisation d’objectifs communs.

Ritvo Lab Volunteers

The OHS (Ontario Health Study) gives York students the opportunity to help promote the largest gathering of health information ever collected in the province. York University is the academic lead on this province wide initiative.

Roots 4 Change (R4C)

Roots 4 Change's primary objective is to bridge the gap between, student, social, and business life at YorkU.

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