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Afghan Students Against Extremism (ASAE)

Afghan Students Against Extremism is a group dedicated to Afghan sovereignty and opposes Pakistani hegemony through a Taliban proxy.

African Diaspora Youth Network in North America (ADYNA)

African Diaspora Youth Network in North America is a diaspora youth empowerment platform aim at inspiring a new generation of leaders to engage in national and international development processes; through North - South youth dialogue & cooperations.

Agents of Change Community (ACC)

Agents of Change Community is a social activism club is a community of social activists, empowering students to become agents of change using a community-based model of social action to create positive change in the local and global community every month

Amnesty International Glendon

Amnesty International is a non profit international organization that works to expose and prevent human rights abuses.

Baloch Students Organization (BSO)

It's an organization for raising awareness about Baloch people through cultural and political events and also a place for students to gather together and socialize and understand the region of Balochistan.

Black Women Bridging Borders (BBWB)

The Black Women Bridging Borders is a non-profit student-run organization that acts as a representative body on behalf of woman of the African Diaspora who relate themselves to the term “Black” as women at York University.

Campus Conservatives York University (CCYU)

To study, discuss, and propose the policies of the Ontario PC Party and Conservative Party through active participation in the policy process. (2) To promote the ideas and ideals of conservatism on our campuses, in our communities and province.

Canadian Coalition for Global Health Research Student Chapter (CCCGHRSC)

Our objective is to promote and facilitate interdisciplinary student research and networking in global health, locally, nationally, and globally. 

Canadian Human Rights International Organization at York (CHRIO@York)

Canadian Human Rights International Organization at York aims to raise awareness on human rights violations around the world by introducing them to the student body through events and tabling.

Debating Society at York (York Debating Society/YDS)

The York Debating Society (YDS) is an active student run organization at York University in Toronto, Ontario. We are dedicated to promoting the debate, public speaking and discussion of practically any issue of concern in an intellectual

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