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Pakistan Student Association (PSA)

Pakistani Community at York coordinates educational and social activities, which promote cross cultural understanding and international awareness.

Peace By PEACE

Peace by P.E.A.C.E. is committed to teaching grade five children about conflict resolution, self empowerment, bullying, stereotypes, and critical thinking in the media. We provide an opportunity for university students to engage these children.

Peace by PEACE Glendon (PxP Glendon)

Peace by PEACE is a not for profit organization run by university students dedicated to teaching Grade 5 students strategies for peaceful conflict resolution.

Peer Education, Leadership, and Mentoring Program

Peer Education, Leadership, and Mentoring Program provides support for all our affiliated undergraduate students at Winters. Our Mandate is to collectively aim to provide students with encouragement and motivation in order to promote students success

Peer Leader Community of Practice

The Peer Leader Community of Practice is the resource and information hub for Peer Leader/Mentor programs and their coordinators.

Peer Review Board

The Peer Review Board (PRB) provides an opportunity for a balanced airing of the case as presented by the various parties to the hearing.

Personal Counselling Services

PCS aims to help students realize, develop and fulfill their personal potential in order to maximally benefit from their university experience. We help students manage the challenges of university life.


Philosophia is York University's undergraduate philosophy association, affiliated with both the Department of Philosophy and Vanier College.

Photography Club

A place where all different aspects of photography will be discussed and explored. From the technical basics of f-stop and shutter speed, to the more creative modes of style and portfolio building.

Polish Students' Association at York University (PSAY)

The Polish Students' Association is an organization powered and run by students passionate about Polish culture. Our aim is to promote tolerance and understanding among various other ethnic groups within the York U community.

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