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Oasis of Answers (Oasis)

Oasis of Answers is primarily a creation science club. That desires to provide the student population with an opportunity to discover refreshing biblical answers to many of today's important questions regarding origins and life in general.

OneProsper U - York (OneProsper U)

OneProsper International is a Canadian non-profit organization and registered charity. It provides innovative farming technology, known as drip irrigation systems, to small farmers in India by subsidizing costs.

Ontario Public Interest Research Group (Ontario Public Interest Research Group - York)

OPIRG@York is a student funded, student-run, nonpartisan organization on campus that facilitates political action, advocacy and education on campus. OPIRG York has been key to social and political mobilization at York and strive to confront injustice.

Operation Smile

The organization looks to raise money and awareness for Operation Smile, a medical charity which provides cleft lip and cleft palate surgeries for impoverished children worldwide. The club will be hosting fundraising events and seminars across campus.

Organization of Latin American Students (OLAS)

OLAS is a social & cultural club dedicated to students at YorkU seeking to learn more about subjects relating to Latin America. We strive in adding to the university experience at YorkU by offering various events for students outside of the classroom.

Oromo Students Association at York University (OSAY)

OSAY is a social/cultural group created with the intention of sharing the Oromo culture and current events effecting the Oromo people. We welcome everyone in the York community who is interested in participating in our organization.