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Neurology Research Association(The Ravens) (NRA)

We're a Research Association covering all spectrums of science, as it relates to Neurology. Our general objective is to hold symposiums, academic-based excursions, and serve as an academic aid for students concentrating in fields related to Neurology.

Neuro-Psychological Sciences Association at Glendon (NPSA-GL)

NPSA-GL is a hub for anyone at York (both campuses) interested in the fields of Neurosciences. Psychology, mental health awareness and would like to engage in article discussions, talks from professionals and could benefit from tutoring.

New College

New College is the newest community within York University which supports the School of Administrative Studies, the School of Human Resource Management, and the School of Information Technology.

New College Council

Welcome to New College, the newest college on campus, the one and only place where your SUCCESS resides! New College was formed on July 1, 2009, under the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies.

New Democrats of York Univesity (NDYU)

To facilitate engagement between York University students and Federal and Provincial New Democratic Party policies, politics and politicians while promoting social-democratic and socialist politics on the Keele Campus.

New Horizons (NHPC)

New Horizons Podcast club is a scientific base podcast that provides information about research, new discoveries & interesting scientific base materials to the listeners. The Podcast Committee conducts regular interviews with YorkU students & faculty.

New Marketing Students Association (NMSA)

The New Marketing Students Association (NMSA) at York University is a non-profit, student-run organization which aims to be the most valuable resource for students interested in the Marketing industry.

Nigerian Students Association (NSA)

The NSA at York strives to foster cultural unity and understanding among the Nigerian community and bring awareness of the Nigerian culture to others.

Ninjutsu at York

The heart of KMD is esoteric martial arts with a focus on Traditional Samurai, Ninja and modern combative arts.These arts have a very strong self developmental aspect and are not just focused on self defence, but the development of self-actualization.

Not Just Tourists York University (NJTYU)

NJT is an organization aiming to supply medical institutions in need of basic necessities with general and specific medical supplies. Volunteers work to sort medical supplies into suitcases which are taken to clinics by travellers and tourists.

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