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Kendo Club

The Kendo Club has been an active club at York University since 1997. We are a competitive team and participate in various tournaments in Canada, primarily in Ontario. Our lead instructor is a 7th Dan former Team Canada member and coach. We welcome new

Kinesiology and Health Science Student Organization (KAHSSO)

The main purpose of the Kinesiology and Health Science Student Organization is to provide a central focus for the students and faculty involved in the undergraduate Kinesiology and Health Science degree program.

Korean Christian Fellowship (KCF)

Korean Christian Fellowship at York is a community of students that seek to love, support, serve and encourage each other as we explore the life of Jesus Christ and his Kingdom.

Kurdish Students' Association (KSA)

KSA is a student-run organization that aims to promote and raise awareness about Kurdish culture and history to all. Our mission is to educate, assist and enlighten our members and the community through academic and social pursuits.