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I For Awareness (IFA)

I For Awareness is a York University health charity organization that aims to make awareness on health related causes. We are a non-profit organization that raises donations for UHN hospitals like the Toronto General and Western Hospital Foundation.


The core function of this club is to be an acting non-profit organization in York University. Our main goal is to collect and distribute basic items which include, Food, Clothes, Toys, Books, Stationary and Personal Hygiene to orphanages and/or schools.

Indian Cultural Association (ICA)

ICA is a cohesive group of students who strive to strengthen members' knowledge and keen interest in India, as well as inform people about its culture and exquisite heritage.

Indigenous Students Association of Glendon (ISAG)

The purpose of the Indigenous Student Association of Glendon is to promote Indigenous culture and issue awareness on campus. We strive to create an inclusive community for those Indigenous to Turtle Island and non-indigenous to come together.

Information Technology Student Association (ITSA)

Information Technology Student Association represents everyone at York University that is interested in Information Technology. Our core is ITEC students from the school of IT at York University’s Keele Campus. However we are part of the greater York Uni

Intercultural Dialogue Institute York Chapter (IDI York Chapter)

IDI-York Chapter is a branch of Intercultural Dialogue Institute, a non-profit organization whose purpose is to advance social cohesion by promoting positive interaction, respect and mutual understanding among people of various backgrounds.

International Christian Evangelical Association (ICEA)

In International Christian Evangelical Association (ICEA) charity we conduct prayers, bible study and support people in need of help. We have a regular meeting every Friday at 5:00 PM to discuss which sort of outdoor activity we are going to conduct

International Development Studies Society (IDSS)

The York IDSS provides an environment to express interest in advocacy, global issues, and not-for-profit organizations. The IDSS seeks to initiate, run, and participate in community building and fundraising activities that link school, local, and global.

International Student Friendship Group (ISFG)

ISFG aims to promote friendship opportunities and cross cultural expertise between International Students and Canadians. Respect for a student’s belief system will be upheld while communicating the love of Jesus

International Students' Association @ York (ISAY)

Aims to act as an official student group to represent international students and exchange students at York University Aims to help create, sustain and strengthen a safe space for international/exchange students to express and address their concerns.

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