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Habitat Friends @ YorkU

Habitat for Humanity GTA is a non-profit housing organization that provides affordable housing and promotes home-ownership. Habitat offers a sustainable and long-term solution for the GTA that breaks the cycle of poverty one family at a time.

Hallyu Dongari (Korean Culture Club)

안녕하세요! (Annyeonghaseyo; Hello in Korean) If you are interested in Korea or learning about Korean culture come join our club! We hope to introduce Korea through cultural activities, social meetings and language exchange. Anyone and everyone are welcome!

HanVoice@York: North Korean Human Rights Club (HanVoice)

York's North Korean human rights advocacy and action club working in association with HanVoice Support Association.

Hasbara at York (Hasbara)

Hasbara at York is an Israel advocacy student organization which focuses on educating the YorkU community about Israel.

Health Education and Promotion (healthed)

Health Education and Promotion offers programs and resources for students through weekly events, exciting presentations, and we work behind the scenes to help make York a healthier place! The Peer Health Education Team is sub-divided into smaller teams

HealthAid Network (Course-Based Peer Mentorship Program)

The HealthAid Network is a course-based peer mentorship program within the Faculty of Health at York University.

Healthy Student Initative (HSI)

The HSI represents the interests of all students at York University whose academic and personal interests are in the study and benefits of holistic health practices, particularly for Mindfulness Meditation.


HealthyPlug promotes healthy eating for all students at York and in the local community. We want to educate and support healthy eating practices. We also assist those who face financial barriers and require specific dietary needs.

Heart and Stroke Foundation (HSFYU)

The HSF, a volunteer-based health charity, seeks to expand its presence at York to promote its cause: reducing the impacts of heart disease and stroke through the advancement of research and its application, as well as the promotion of healthy living.

Heart of the Son

Heart of the Son is an evangelization club created to spread the love and the gospel of Christ on campuses. Our mission is to raise up an army and make them disciples of Jesus-Chirst. Our goal is to change people's life through the love of Jesus.

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