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Gaming Association at York (YGA)

York Gaming Association's focus is on the development of a smarter and social gamer. Strategy and game knowledge will be offered in genres such as, but not limited to, MOBA, RTS and FPS and content creation for popular websites like YouTube and Twitch.

Geography and Environmental Science Society @York (GESS@Y)

The Geography and Environmental Science Society at York is established to provide an environment where undergraduate Geography and Environmental Science students can to socialize, educate and support each other.

Get Involved (GI)

Don’t run for the bus stop after class - there’s more to university life than books and exams. Immerse yourself in the York community to enrich your on-campus experience and you may just find your grades improve. Your options are endless

GL Me to We

We promote student involvement in social justice issues locally and globally. Encourage environmentally and socially conscious decisions. Raising awareness about local and global issues along with solutions on how to improve these situations.

GL Smash Club

The Super Smash Brothers club at Glendon Campus, York University! This group is dedicated to bring students together through the iconic Super Smash Bros. game! Join and engage in friendly competition on campus!

Glendon African Network (G.A.N)

We aim to encourage the African diaspora at Glendon to raise awareness of political situations and promote the diverse cultures. Also, to reiterate the importance and need for leadership initiatives, education and economic growth in the African continent

Glendon Business Club (GBC)

The purpose of Glendon Business Club will be to promote the study of business, economics, finance, and entrepreneurship in Glendon as well as create opportunities for students to hone their skills and prepare for work-life after university.

Glendon Cinema Society (G.C.S.)

The Glendon Cinema Society (GCS) is dedicated to exploring the less mainstream areas of film. Through the appreciation of cinema, the GCS is committed to opening the minds of its members to the cinematic expressions of the human condition.

Glendon College Business & Economics Society (GCBES)

The objective of the GCBES is to create a business and economics based community which focus' on the awareness of set events in order to enhance the knowledge of its members on related issues.

Glendon College Conservatives/Les Conservateurs du Collège Glendon (GCC/CCG)

Our goals are to introduce at Glendon an organization which will increase the visibility of thus far under represented young conservatives. It's an opportunity to meet interesting people and garner useful experience.

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