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Faculty of Education Students' Association

To act as an advocate on behalf of Faculty of Education students.

Faculty of Health Student Caucus

The Faculty of Health Student Caucus is the student government that represents the Faculty of Health students in the School of Health Policy and Management, School of Kinesiology and Health Science, Psychology, School of Nursing and Global Health.

Fantasy and Science Fiction Club (FantaSci of York University)

FantaSci is a club at York University for students who are interested in the Fantasy and Science Fiction genres.

Federazione Canadese Italiana (FCI)

FCI is home to the Italian-Canadian community on York's campus since its foundation in 2007. FCI strives to carry on with Italian culture through social, cultural, and academic events which occur on York's campus and within the surrounding community.

Feed Hope

Feed Hope seeks to alleviate hunger in Toronto and surrounding areas by raising money and running an annual food drive at Keele Campus.

Feminist Action! (FA)

We are an anti-oppressive, anti-racist activist group focused on improving the lives of women/trans/non-binary folks on campus and in Toronto though community outreach, grassroots activism, lobbying, and educational and media campaigns.

Feminists for Animal Liberation (FFAL)

Feminists for Animal Liberation aims to advance an intersectional human and nonhuman animal justice movement informed by feminism and veganism for the purpose of ending speciesism and the property status of animals.

Fencing at York (Fencing)

Fencing at York is an athletic club at York University that offers both recreational and competitive fencing experience. We offer beginner classes during the summer, fall and winter terms, as well as regular practice for those with prior experience.

Filipino Student Association at York (FSAY)

The Filipino Student Association at York (FSAY) is a social club that promotes and fosters Filipino culture, and heritage.

Film Students Association

To represent the interests of Film Students; To represent the opinions, concerns, and ideas of film students to the faculty, and administration of York University; To foster a sense of community within the Department  by encouraging the

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