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Calumet College Council

Calumet Past To Present The name "Calumet" was chosen by the Calumet College community in 1971. Calumet is a French word which refers specifically to a type of rock and by extension to the ceremonial pipes which native people in Upper Canada made from

Calumet Residence

Welcome to Calumet Residence!

Campus Conservatives York University (CCYU)

To study, discuss, and propose the policies of the Ontario PC Party and Conservative Party through active participation in the policy process. (2) To promote the ideas and ideals of conservatism on our campuses, in our communities and province.

Canadian Association for Research in Regenerative Medicine (CARRM@York)

A charitable organization that will educate students on the newest forms of medical research in regenerative medicine and will look to garner support for the future development of regenerative medicine research in Canada.

Canadian Blood Services at York (CBSAY)

Canadian Blood Services at York (CBSAY) is an affiliated student organization with Canadian Blood Services. We are also authorized CBS campus ambassadors responsible for all the blood donor clinic registrations that occur at York University.

Canadian Cancer Society (CCS)

The Canadian Cancer Society student organization at York University promotes the Canadian Cancer Society’s mission of eradicating cancer and enhancing the quality of life of people living with cancer.

Canadian Civil Liberties Association at YorkU (CCLAYU)

The CCLAYU promotes respect for and observance of fundamental human rights and civil liberties at York University and the surrounding community. The goal of CCLAYU is to educate and advocate these fundamental human rights and civil liberties.

Canadian Coalition for Global Health Research Student Chapter (CCCGHRSC)

Our objective is to promote and facilitate interdisciplinary student research and networking in global health, locally, nationally, and globally. 

Canadian Human Rights International Organization at York (CHRIO@York)

Canadian Human Rights International Organization at York aims to raise awareness on human rights violations around the world by introducing them to the student body through events and tabling.

Canadian Immunology Research Association (CIRA)

An organization with a collective ambition to promote and educate students on the critical influence immunology has on our healthcare system.

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