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Bachelor of Environmental Studies Student Association (BESSA)

We encourage students to become involved in environmental issues, inside and outside the faculty. We also encourage social activities among students that foster a sense of community!

Baloch Students Organization (BSO)

It's an organization for raising awareness about Baloch people through cultural and political events and also a place for students to gather together and socialize and understand the region of Balochistan.

Bangladeshi Student Association (YBSA)

We are a group of Bangladeshi students who want to build a united Bangladeshi community at York University.

Baseball Club (BCYU)

The purpose of the organization is to compete in the OUA (Ontario University Athletics). Our objective is to, from year-to-year, be competitive and win the Ontario division championships and the national championships.

Beauty Club @ York (TBC)

The Beauty Club @ York helps students to gain confidence as well as practical make-up techniques, in order to embrace the best part of them. This association will provide series of seminars, including make-up tutorials, free manicure sessions.

Because I am a Girl

Because I am a Girl is a global movement driven by Plan International to ensure girls everywhere can learn, lead, decide, and thrive. This club will focus on learning about girls' rights/issues and working towards eradicating these injustices.

Bethune College Council

The Bethune College Council represents the students of Norman Bethune College. All students that are affiliated with the Faculty of Science are a part of Norman Bethune College. We dedicate ourselves to helping students succeed in and out of class.

Bethune Residence

Welcome to Bethune Residence!

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Toronto Student Club at York (BBBST Student Club @ York)

The BBBST Student Club @ York works in collaboration with departments at York University as well as Big Brothers Big Sisters of Toronto to organize and deliver BBBST’s Post-Secondary Readiness Mentorship Program, “Pumped for Post-Sec”

Biology Society at York University (YUBS)

The Biology Society assists students academically by providing tutoring, and help with lab reports. YUBS also plans annual events: Meet the Profs Night, How to get into Medical School, Graduate Studies Seminar and numerous tutorials!

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