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Able York

ABLE-YORK shall endeavour to serve the needs of students with disabilities at York University, and promote awareness of disability issues both at York University and in the greater community.


ABOVE AND BEYOND-FUNDING FOR PAEDIATRIC MEDICINE is being developed with the intentions of providing funding for paediatric research in hospitals in the Greater Toronto Area.

Access Centre

The Access Centre strives to identify and take action around issues of concern for students with mental, learning and physical disabilities by providing advocacy, services, social networks, resources and a safe space.

Active Minds (Active Minds @ York University)

Active Minds is an organization focused on providing education and resources about mental health and the prevalence of mental health disorders. The mission is to change the conversation about mental health and reduce stigma through peer outreach!

Actuarial Student Association (ASA)

The Actuarial Science Student Association is intended to connect York University students with the professional world of becoming an actuary. They will benefit from the academic and professional resources that our club has to offer.

ADHD peer support group (ADHD-PSG)

ADHD-PSG exists to provide a platform for Students with ADHD at York University to connect to others at York University who have experience dealing with ADHD and that can provide a supportive and easily accessible environment.

Advanced Trading Club (ATC)

The Advanced Trading Club is an investment club with a focus on developing personal investment skill and establishing decision making skill by trading practices.

Adventure Trip (A-Trip!)

A-Trip!, or Adventure Trip, is a camping/hiking movement founded in October of 2016. The founders hope to promote the benefits of living an active lifestyle and exploring the great outdoors with the student community at York University.

Afghan Students Against Extremism (ASAE)

Afghan Students Against Extremism is a group dedicated to Afghan sovereignty and opposes Pakistani hegemony through a Taliban proxy.

African Diaspora Youth Network in North America (ADYNA)

African Diaspora Youth Network in North America is a diaspora youth empowerment platform aim at inspiring a new generation of leaders to engage in national and international development processes; through North - South youth dialogue & cooperations.

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