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Association étudiante de la traduction à Glendon/Glendon Student Translation Association (AÉTG/GSTA)

To provide practice opportunities pour les étudiants qui souhaitent des renseignements au sujet de la traduction and those who want to participate in the annual Translation Games.

Association for Research Placement at York (ARPY)

The Association for Research Placement at York seeks to form a community of students dedicated to the competitive pursuit of scientific inquiry. We also aim to pair up serious students with suitable research positions.

Association of Graduate Students in the Biological Sciences (AGSBS)

The official organization representing graduate students in the Department of Biology at York University.

Assyrian Chaldean Syriac Student Union (ACSSU)

This is a social/cultural group for the Assyrian (also known as Chaldeans and Syriacs) students who are interested in taking an active role in the Assyrian community. We aim to share our cultural values and news that impacts the Assyrian people.

Astronomy Club at York University (ACYU)

The objective of the club is to unite students who have an interest in astronomy whether it is academic or recreational and provide activities of interest.

Atkinson Professional Accounting Association (APAA)

The Atkinson Professional Accounting Association (APAA) is a student-run organization that serves to encourage leadership, excellence, and professionalism in School of Administrative Studies Accounting students of York University.

Atmospheric Science Club (YASC)

YASC aims to educate and inform its members about weather and other atmospheric phenomenon. It is intended as a way for Atmospheric Science students to get to know each other and to learn about some of the applications of our studies in the real world.

Bachelor of Environmental Studies Student Association (BESSA)

We encourage students to become involved in environmental issues, inside and outside the faculty. We also encourage social activities among students that foster a sense of community!

Baloch Students Organization (BSO)

It's an organization for raising awareness about Baloch people through cultural and political events and also a place for students to gather together and socialize and understand the region of Balochistan.

Bangladeshi Student Association (YBSA)

We are a group of Bangladeshi students who want to build a united Bangladeshi community at York University.