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Amnesty International Glendon

Amnesty International is a non profit international organization that works to expose and prevent human rights abuses.

Anthropology Students Association (A.S.A.)

We are a network of students bringing together undergraduates with a common interests in Anthropology to: socialize, exchange ideas, and to find answers to academic and Anthropological questions and resources.


AppDroid is club designed to create an environment where students can exchange creative app ideas, test their apps and learn about app development. We plan to hold app related events and contests. If you have questions, email us at

Arab Students' Association (Arabsa)

The Arab Students' Association (Arabsa) is a student run organization at York. It is a social, educational and humanitarian club. It organizes informative events for Arab and non-Arab students. Our goal is to educate and entertain in a respectful manner.

Armenian Students' Association (ASA)

To give students an awareness of Armenian culture, history and contemporary issues, and to help broaden members’ social circles

Ascend Network (TAN)

Ascend is an entirely non-profit, philanthropic and student led retreat that develops the self-awareness, support network and leadership skills necessary to inspire change in the individual and their community.

Ascend Network - Glendon Chapter (TANG)

TANG plans an overnight conference focused on redefining leadership through eye-opening discussions, team building breakout activities and socials at night.

Asexuals & Aromantics’ Community & Educational Space (ACES)

ACES is to provide a safe space and a community for those who identify or are questioning an identity on the Asexual & Aromantic spectrums, including but not limited to Asexuals, Aromantics, grey-A, demisexuals, panromatics, etc. as well as their allies.

ASL @ York

ASL @ York is an organization for students who are interested in American Sign Language (ASL) and Deaf culture. We provide opportunities for students of all levels to practice their skills.

Association étudiante de la traduction à Glendon/Glendon Student Translation Association (AÉTG/GSTA)

To provide practice opportunities pour les étudiants qui souhaitent des renseignements au sujet de la traduction and those who want to participate in the annual Translation Games.