How to Make a Cup of Good Tea

If you are interested in Chinese tea and tea drinking, we welcome you to join our tea culture session, “How to make a cup of good tea”.

The founder of Tearoma Tea Club, Sabrina Chen will talk about “essential part of making tea” “water and tea relationships” “tea tools” “methodology behind tea ceremony” and other topics.

Graduated from South China Agricultural University with a major in tea science and ceremony, Sabrina has engaged with the tea industry for 10 years. She performs Chinese tea ceremony on Toronto Tea Festival every year in order to share Chinese tea culture and bring this culture to new generations. She will bring us fresh perspectives about Chinese tea.

The registration link is as below:

Place: Accolade West 104 (ACW 104), York University

Time: 6 - 7:30 pm, March 17th, 2017


Please be noticed that this event is free, but registration is required to reserve a spot.

Posted by Kaiqiang Zhou on March 14, 2017