Winters Frosh Week 2012

Frosh week is from August 31st until September 9th, It is an event that Winters has perfected. It is a 10 day social orientation that will prepare you for both student life and the end of the world.

We have experienced students who have volunteered to be your social mentors, we call them Frosh Bosses. 150 of the school's most outgoing, extremely out-of-this-world awesome fantastic, weird, group of all over the board misfits, have banded together to bring YOU the best ten days of your life! Seriously. We have filled the week up with events that will blow your socks off and then incinerate them immediately.


What does that mean? It means we are staying sober for the week. This is to ensure that our students who are under the drinking age can be included equally, as well as provide a week you will actually remember. 

TRUST US!!!  The way WINTERS parties, we won't need to drink, Seriously though, you need to stay hydrated cause this week will be high octane!

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Posted by Mahssa Chavoshi on August 5, 2012