Parent Organization: York-University

We build fighting robots and compete at, and even host  tournaments where robots physically clash against one-another, as well as programming competitions for robotic simulations. No past experience is required - we teach everything you need to know.

Primarily, we focus on three types of events:

  1. Programming competitions - Programming robotic simulators to test out different automates strategies or teamwork algorithms.
  2. Small-scale robot competitions - We host and attend competitions where small individual robots compete against each other. Club members build their own robots to compete at these events.
  3. Large-scale robot competition - A heavyweight club-funded battle bot, for extreme tournaments. This is a big project. There is a large robotics competition every year in California called RoboGames. We'd like to go there to compete this year.

About the small-scale robots - Our directive is to make robot construction fun and affordable for our members. The difficulty most people face with robot combat is that it can be very difficult or time consuming to design your own custom bot, or it can require very deep pockets. In our club, we have already done most of the work for you. The circuit and programming is already done (it can be tweaked if you're and advanced member). All you need to do is solder everything to your PCB, and you're ready to go. The parts for the electronics are very cheap because the club buys them in bulk. Physical construction, however, is a field which we are not so well-equipped for. Some creativity and research will be requir

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Phone Number P:(647) 534-1961