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“The Social Change Model promotes a particular approach to leadership and leadership
development. It is a nonhierarchical approach, meaning it is not necessary to have authority, an elected position, or a title in order to participate in a group’s leadership processes. It emphasizes mutually defined purposes and commitment to making a difference rather than pursuit of position of power. Its major assumption is that leadership
is ultimately about change, particularly change that benefits others in our local and global communities.” Susan R. Komives
Based on the Social Change Model of Leadership Development,
the program aims to redefine leadership at York through a series of events,
an all new leadership development program and conferences.

Leadership Certificate Program

The 3-tiered Student Leadership Certificate Program (SLP) is a broad-based, experiential series of workshops available to current York University students (undergraduate and graduate).  The program has been designed so that all students can participate regardless of whether you are currently in a leadership role. The intent of these workshops is to explore and enhance your leadership capabilities, and to help you gain knowledge and develop skills in leadership on campus and within the community.

The Leadership Certificate Program will:

  • Challenge and enhance the leadership capacity of even the most experienced student leaders who are open to learning and will guide new or emerging leaders in a powerful direction.
  • Prepare and develop participants to be more productive thinkers and to become more civically engaged.
  • Provide all interested students with an accessible opportunity to develop and enhance a personal philosophy of leadership that includes an understanding of self, groups, and their community.
  • Offer various opportunities for students to reflect upon and develop attitudes, knowledge, and skills related to relational leadership development and practices.
  • Offer very practical and applicable knowledge that are immediately applicable to student life and society in general.

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