NewsBytes - Issue Five

Get ready for the fifth issue of NewsBytes! We’ve got an important announcement to make regarding the internal structure of the club; be sure to check it out.

2012 – 2013 ITSA Elections:

Have you ever wanted to be a club executive? Get involved with the York community and create long-lasting connections with individuals in the IT industry? Well, now you can. A few of our executives are taking a temporary leave from school to embark on the Technology Internship Program (all the best to them!) and, so, the following executive positions are available for the 2012 – 2013 academic year (these positions will begin in the summer semester):

  • VP Internal Affairs
  • VP Marketing
  • VP Finance
  • VP Events
  • VP Web Administration

Regardless of which position you’re interested in, you’ll be able to gain and enhance the communication and managerial abilities necessary to succeed in the real world, and you’ll have fun doing it. Plus, it’s never a bad thing to have the word “VP” on your resume; in fact, employers will acknowledge that you’re taking initiative to get involved with the community through a leadership position. Speaking of which, you can apply for a VP position with the Information Technology Student Association by e-mailing with the following information: name and the position you’re interested in. If you have any related experience to your position – paid work, volunteer, anything – please expand upon this in your e-mail as well.

Reminder: Our Resume Clinic is still running! ITSA club members can have their resumes edited to meet the formatting-requirements of the jobs being applied for. This is especially useful for TIP students.


Job Opportunities


Who’s hiring for IT-related positions?


Data Appeal:




Apex Systems:


Decisioning Solutions: 


Big Kite:


Volunteer Opportunities


Web Developer & Designer – ITSA


We’re currently in need of a few volunteers to make up a team responsible for the creation and design of a website for a small business. For those who are planning to pursue careers in web development or those who are interested in sharpening their design skills, you’ll gain some real hands-on experience which will become an invaluable part of your resume.



Posted by Lila Wajdie on April 11, 2012