Parent Organization: York-University

Feminist Action is about bringing an activist spirit back to our campus. We're interested in anti-oppression politics and doing rather than just saying.

Our activism is based on a radical, queer, grassroots lens however, we do recognize the multiple interpretations of feminism and celebrate and support this diversity.

This grassroots approach allows us to dismantle structures of power from the bottom up, while being as fluid as possible.

Our aim is to work outside of societal systems in order to question what we consider ‘normal.’ It is through this activism that we hope to
blur traditional identity categories and structures of power in our fight for equity.

All are welcome: students, non-students, those in the WMST/SXST majors, and anyone with a natural interest or inclination towards feminism.


Address 99 Ottawa Road
206-T Founders
Toronto, ON M3J 1P3
Phone Number P:(416) 407-7264