Meeting notes

It's long so take your time.

Hey Guys,

I know this is long over due but here is the info from the general members meeting.

The general members meeting covered the following issues:

-          Our goals and what we are about

o   Our goal for this club did not change; we are here for students to work on projects, whether they be school project, personal or group projects. The hope is that individuals will gain experience and skill from these projects.

-          Updates on our club status

o   We are currently located in room 102D in the Bergeron Building; this is a temporary location. We will be moved to the mechanical workshop in the basement of the building soon.

-          Committees we need people

o   We are looking for Committee members to help with club activities. There are four Committees:

      (1) The Public Relations Committee which helps with promoting the club activities and events as well as recruiting members.

      (2) The Events Committee which helps organizing club events.

      (3) The library Committee which helps acquire tools and equipment for the club.

      (4) The Advisory Committee which helps the Executive Council with important decision making and investigates cases of conflict of interest. 

Please email us if would like a position. Positions will be appointed after an interview process.

-          Projects, events and workshops (C programming and Analog programming)

o   There are currently three official club projects:

      (1) The router project which is the design of a wireless router.

      (2) The game project which is the development of a virtual reality game.

      (3) A simple PID controller.

We are encouraging members to either joining one of these projects or start their own.

Project meets and info will be handled by project leads. There will be two tutorials one on C programming and one on analog circuits they will start next week, since we’re still looking for a room. We will be putting a doodle poll for both so we can schedule a time that works for the majority. The tutorials are weekly for one hour and material will be post on the site regularly. The C tutorials will be geared towards beginners where as the analog circuits tutorials will be for upper students.

This is the  Doodle poll for the C tutorial - (Remember this is a Weekly Tutorial so pick a time that you can come to on a weekly basis)


This is the  Doodle poll for the Analog tutorial - (Remember this is a Weekly Tutorial so pick a time that you can come to on a weekly basis)



-          Training and access to our club room

o   For Members to have access to the mechanical room, they will need the following:

      (1) WHMIS I or higher training, currently enrolled york student can use this link ( it includes a slide show lecture and a quiz at the end.

      (2) You will need to email (or you full name, student number, the number at the back of your student card, and your availabilities, so that you can have faculty training. 

In addition, the number at the back of your student card refers to the new student cards that have the tap card feature; if you don’t have the new student card you will need to get one for the student card office at the William Small Centre, it is free and you get a new picture on your student card. For those who are not currently enrolled classes, and need the WHMIS I training Please Email Us we will try to arrange some accommodations. Also there will be optional training on the equipment in the room and if you are interested again please email us.


Osman Ibrahim
President of the Electrical Engineering Club for Students


Posted by Osman Ibrahim on January 21, 2016