Parent Organization: York-University

The aim of the Baseball Club at York University is to provide our student/athletes with the opportunity for personal growth through the sport of baseball. With this in mind, our members adhere to the following objectives:

a) To organise and co-ordinate all inter-school competitions and related activities as sanctioned by the league the team is affiliated with during a given season. Qualifying Leagues may include but not be limited to 

i) the Canadian Inter-collegiate Baseball Association (CIBA); 
ii) Ontario University Athletics (OUA); 
iii) Canadian Inter-university Sport (CIS).

b) To provide opportunities for and development of the individual coach to stimulate professional growth.

c) To provide the best possible opportunity for a high standard of competition through the finest inter-school athletic programs available to Canadian Post Secondary Institutions.

d) To promote a closer relationship between Canadian Post Secondary Institutions.

e) To promote community responsibility amongst student athletes by developing opportunity whereby the members (athletes and coaches) can give back to the community be it the York University Community,High School and Youth recreational programs or the larger community (GTA) in general.

f) To encourage and promote fair play, good sportsmanship and to enjoy a spirit of good fellowship with those who hold the same interests within our team and the league(s) in which we play.

Address Toronto, ONCanada
Phone Number P:(416) 670-4514