Parent Organization: York-University

Note sharing support is an accommodation provided to students with disabilities who require access to the information being delivered in the lecture and/or tutorial. The student requesting note sharing support will use your notes to supplement their own notes. Peer note sharers are volunteers who share their notes with a student with a disability. 
To become a Volunteer Note Sharer:

1.   Register Online using your Passport York Identification.

2.   Enter each course you will be able to volunteer for.

3.   Even if you are not selected, upload your notes as the system allows the student to see  each set of notes uploaded.

4.   Once you register, you should upload notes within 24 hours of each class/tutorial

5.   Students who provide notes on consistent basis will receive a letter of recognition and a credit on their co-curricular record

Peer Note sharer Responsibilities

Your notes must be clear, comprehensive and accurately capture the information delivered in the lecture and written on the blackboard or overheads.

  • Attend all your lectures and be on time.
  • Upload the lecture or tutorial notes within 24 hours on the note sharing support web site




Address N108 Ross