Recruiting Executives!

As we begin a new year, we will be looking to add to our current roster of executive positions with some fresh new faces!

The following positions are currently available;

VP Finance
Responsible for bookkeeping
Responsible for preparing final expense reports
Responsible for estimating costs of conducting specific events
Responsible for creating year-end financial report

VP Operations
Manage the preparation and execution of all events
Responsible for planning of event logistics and activities
Responsible for preparing an annual final report on all activities and events carried out throughout the year
Responsible for checking event viability

VP Marketing
Responsible for managing MCA's Twitter and Facebook accounts
Responsible for creating ad campaigns to increase membership
Responsible for creating ad campaigns to promote MCA events

Director of Human Resources
Responsible for screening candidates for various executive positions
Responsible for carrying out assessment reports on executive members
Responsible for ensuring all members are well-informed about the MCA's endeavours

There are many benefits to being an executive with the Management and Consulting Association; a role with us would help enhance your communication and interpersonal skills critical for establishing future professional relationships. It will also help build strong relationships with our corporate partners which will be helpful during the next recruitment season. Being part of the team also means extra recognition at all of our events, and above all, an executive position is an indispensable resume booster.

If you are interested in any of the above positions, please email your resume to at your earliest convenience.

Posted by Hammad Siddiqui on September 12, 2012