Parent Organization: York-University

The York International Development Studies Society (IDSS) provides an environment to express interest in advocacy, global issues, and not-for-profit organizations. Open to all International Development Studies and affiliate major undergraduate and graduate students, our organization seeks to capitalize on the skills and passions of our members in order to provide IDS and affiliate major students opportunities to socialize, study, network with faculty, and to contribute to the school, local, and global communities.

Throughout the year, the IDSS will organize such events as:
• IDS Social Nights
• IDS Core Course Exam-Study Sessions
• Meet and Greet with IDS Faculty
• The Annual IDSS Charity Ball
• And more!

Our group's executive model has shifted from a top-down approach towards a more communitarian one; one executive's role is no more important or essential than another, we need the Treasurer to manager our fundraising earnings just as much as we need the Fundraising Director to bring in those earnings! We have several executive positions that students may apply for. If you're not interested in becoming an executive, simply select Casual IDSS Member to stay in the loop and to help out on your own accord!

Please contact our email for a full list of available executive positions, or to become involved as a casual member.