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Dance Students' Association (DSA)

The Dance Students' Association strives to support the Dance students and enrich their student experience by providing them with various opportunities to develop and connect with each other. We host free workshops, Improv Soireés, Dance Fuel & much more!

Debating Society at York (York Debating Society/YDS)

The York Debating Society (YDS) is an active student run organization at York University in Toronto, Ontario. We are dedicated to promoting the debate, public speaking and discussion of practically any issue of concern in an intellectual

DECA at York

We are the York University chapter of the parent organization, DECA. Being one of the largest undergraduate clubs at York University and the Schulich School of Business, we’re continuously striving to expand our horizons and conquer the impossible.

Disaster and Emergency Management Students Association (DEMSA)

The Disaster and Emergency Management Students Association at York University's (DEMSA) primary aim is to enrich the lives and educational experience of our affiliated students through social, professional, and academic programs.

Diversabilities Glendon

Diversabilities Glendon supports students with disabilities through peer support and student advocacy. We embrace our diverse abilities! Ici, nous célébrons nos amis indépendamment de leur capacités pour créer un environnement plus positif!

Doctors Without Borders (MSF - York University)

Friends of MSF (Doctors Without Borders) York is an affiliated group of the MSF Canada Association.

DoctorWhoGL (DWGL)

The Doctor Who Club is for fans of the world-wide popular British Tv-show still continuing from 1963! Join for many fun activities...

Dragon Boat Team @ York (dbteam)

This team enables students to participate in Dragon Boat racing as a competitive sport while providing training and instruction for paddlers. The team participates in regattas during the summer against other universities, Canadian and international teams